Monday, August 3, 2015

Beach 2015

In June we took a trip to Myrtle beach with Marc's family.  I know the beach is normally hot, but this week was so warm that we didn't last at he actual beach very long before heading to the pools.  Even the evenings were so hot it was hard to be outside.  Despite the heat wave we had a great time.

I didn't seem to get many pictures this year mainly because my kids are so busy it was hard to catch them.  Plus most days I get , "  more pictures!"  So I guess the few I have will have to work for this year at least.


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Random summer pictures (because I am still behind)

 I was looking through my phone at all the random pictures I have snapped over the last few months during some of our summer fun!   I thought it would be nice to share some!

 John did really well bowling because this child seems to succeed at most things with little effort.   His poor little brother, however,  couldn't keep his ball out of the gutter.  Unfortunately,  Nathan takes EVERYTHING seriously and we didn't end that day all that well.

Ella just kept asking for me to take her picture! Hahaha

 Yogurt Yeti is our FAVORITE hangout while we wait on Ella in her dance classes!  I LOVE this time with them.

 Nathan has a style all his own!

 Skating is another activity the whole family loves and we try to take them often,  I love it because they skate and I get to sit quietly and read or catch up on emails!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Dance 2015

In June Ella attended Choreography week at FDA (her dance studio).   At the end of the week she had the opportunity to audition for several group dances.  Last weekend they emailed her results and she made it into four group dances.  She was beyond excited!

She is in two musical theater dances, one tap and one hip hop!  Also, she is an understudy for five more routines.  This year is going to take serious dedication on her part, but I know my sweet girl can handle it!  

When she was two years old, I remember walking her into her first dance class with tiny ballet shoes  on her feet and pigtails in her hair.  Who would have ever known she would develop such a love for dance!

 Still smiling after eight hour days at the studio!



Catch up!

Well it has been so long since I have posted in my long forgotten blog I suppose the best way to get started is to do a "catch up " post!  So here goes...

It has been a crazy, busy, wonderful summer for us.  John finished 7th grade, Nathan finished 4th grade and my sweet Ella finished 3rd grade.  We are looking forward to starting a fresh school year in a few weeks.

In May, Ella had her spring recital at FDA.  This year Nathan decided he would try a new class her studio offered, break dancing.  All through the year he stuck with it, and when I saw him on that stage at the recital I was amazed.  My little man can move!!!  He was so proud to take part in the recital so now I guess I can say I have two dancers! Ella was in seven routines and she did a fantastic job!

John turned 13 years old this year! I took this picture on his birthday.  He is an inch and a half taller than his mama and a wonderful (big) kid.  He loves karate and is part of a demonstration team that travels to show off karate skills.
Be still my heart! 
 Just some extra pictures because they are so cute!

 Air soft guns!!! Not real guns!!!

That should do it for now! More to come!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

I'm back!

I decided that maybe it's time to start writing again.  I was looking back through old post and realized that it was so much fun to go back and see how little my kids were and how much fun we had! It will probably take some time to get back in the habit but here goes! Honestly I am not sure if anyone actually reads it anymore! 

Stay tuned...

Friday, February 21, 2014

100th day of school 2014

We are a little late this year in getting to our 100th day of school but at least we did make it to day 100!

I know it is kinda silly but we always like to make a BIG deal of the 100th day at our house.

We made these hats earlier in the week.  John is being a good sport wearing this gigantic hat.  Just in case your are wondering I was wearing one too while I took this picture!!!! Best part of homeschooling is we can make anything an excuse to PARTY!!!!

Our first activity of the day was Lego's.  I sent each child to count out 100 lego pieces of their choice then build something with them.  After they were done they wrote a story about what they built.

 Math, writing and hands on learning without them even knowing it! lol

We made over sized cookies, then decorated them for our snack! 

 Ella made an old woman (100 years old ) for her craft!  It really turned out cute.
We did do some actual school during our little celebration.  They even did their work with a smile!!!

I found these funny mustache straws at Wal-mart and the kids loved them! They made for a really funny picture too! 

Happy 100th day of school!!!!!!