Friday, February 21, 2014

100th day of school 2014

We are a little late this year in getting to our 100th day of school but at least we did make it to day 100!

I know it is kinda silly but we always like to make a BIG deal of the 100th day at our house.

We made these hats earlier in the week.  John is being a good sport wearing this gigantic hat.  Just in case your are wondering I was wearing one too while I took this picture!!!! Best part of homeschooling is we can make anything an excuse to PARTY!!!!

Our first activity of the day was Lego's.  I sent each child to count out 100 lego pieces of their choice then build something with them.  After they were done they wrote a story about what they built.

 Math, writing and hands on learning without them even knowing it! lol

We made over sized cookies, then decorated them for our snack! 

 Ella made an old woman (100 years old ) for her craft!  It really turned out cute.
We did do some actual school during our little celebration.  They even did their work with a smile!!!

I found these funny mustache straws at Wal-mart and the kids loved them! They made for a really funny picture too! 

Happy 100th day of school!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Catch up (again)

I am trying to rewind and play catch up with my blog that has been very neglected.   This is going to be one of those post that I ramble and show random pictures for what seems to be no reason.  However, I love to look back and remember our school days and silly moments,  so here goes!

 In October John started guitar lessons. Now, if I could just get him to practice I think he would be a natural!
 Just because I love this picture of her and she makes me smile!
 Nathan and Ella ready to leave for our homeschool Co op.

 Living with Nathan is like being in a comedy act 24/7.  He makes me laugh constantly!!!
 John getting ready to pass out a very special Valentine at our homeschool Co op....ummm I will leave it at that for now.

 This is not unusual to see when I walk in a room at our house.  Ella stays on her head more than her feet!

Well now I am done with all the random photo's....for now at least!

Winter Cardinal's

Last month we painted winter cardinals for art class.   I found this project here at one of my favorite art blogs.  She has wonderful ideas that I use often.

The first thing we did was draw our Cardinals, then we outlined them with a black oil pastels (a crayon would work too).  The website gives step by step instructions, but we went at our own pace.

They turned out so beautiful I hung them in our school room!

Snow Day 2014

Last Wednesday we got a huge snow!  In fact snow is still on the ground as I am typing this post.  We had a really fun day sledding, making snowmen, and hitting each other with snowballs.   It was a great snow day!

 John and Ella are so tired from walking up and down the hill they just fell over in a huge pile of snow!

Happy Snow Day!